2012-08-28 36V, 100mA, 20A Low Iq Synchronous Step-down Converter
The LM4410 is a high-frequency, step-down, switching regulator with integrated high-side/low-side, high-voltage power MOSFETs. It provides a highly efficient output of up to 100mA. 42V rated MOSFETs and 4.5V to 36V operation range accommodates a variety of step-down applications in automotive input environment. A 5A shutdown mode quiescent current allows use in battery-powered applications. It allows for high power conversion efficiency over a wide load range by scaling down the switching frequency under light-load condition to reduce the switching and gate driver losses. The switching frequency during start-up and short circuit also can be scaled down to helps prevent inductor current runaway. Thermal shutdown provides reliable, fault-tolerant operation. The LM4410 is available in a 3mmx3mm QFN10 package