2014-03-22 Artschip 8-Bit RGB laser driver for head-up displays
Artschip Products, is sampling the ART3601, a highly integrated, 8-bit RGB laser driver for pico laser projectors in automobiles. Arts describes the device as a smaller size, brighter light, and lower-cost solution than traditional technology, and says it enables sharper, pixel-perfect heads-up displays (HUD). The IC drives three RGB lasers to provide a brighter light without compromising the low power. The high intensity of the lasers projects brighter, more vivid images onto the HUD to easily alert the driver while enhancing safety. In addition, its high integration means longer battery life, less heat build-up, and a smaller module size. Key Advantages: ? Low cost: minimized PCB area with functional integration; three current-output laser drivers combined into one laser ? Low power: with only 80mW bias current, the device achieves maximum light output with excellent power efficiency ? Small size and easier design/manufacturing: three integrated lasers eliminate the need for additional optics ? High efficiency: less than 1W total module power provides long battery life, low heat dissipation, and minimal thermal sinking ˇ°The ART3601 laser driver keeps drivers clean, conscious, and connected,ˇ± said Mike Roberts, Executive Business Manager at Artschip. ˇ°Clean as in green, conscious as in safe, and connected as in infotainment. Artschip new laser-based technology provides lower power and brighter, more visible alerts for safety and infotainment.ˇ± ˇ°One of the key trends for automotive displays is higher resolution,ˇ± said Richard Robinson, Director of Automotive Analysis at Strategy Analytics. ˇ°Sharper imagery in heads-up displays is critical for clarity, safety, and driver assistance applications.ˇ±