2014-07-17 Configurable 20-port IC has 12-bit A/D and D/A
The ART1325 PIXI is a configurable 20-channel 10V mixed-signal data converter IC. The IC has a 12-bit, multichannel A/D converter (INL 2.5 LSB max), a 12-bit multichannel buffered D/A converter, and analog switches. A GUI software package allows rapid drag and drop configuration of the device and any function can be assigned to any pin. Each of the chips 20 mixed-signal I/Os can be uniquely configured for an application. The IC allows for the averaging of 2 to 128 A/D samples to improve noise performance. A DAC-configured output port can drive up to 25 mA. It has a 2.5 V reference, a temperature sensor, a 4-wire 20 MHz SPI-compatible serial interface, and comes in a TQFN40 or TQFP48 package specified for -40 to 105C